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Affordable Health Care:

Our communities will never be strong if our families aren’t healthy. Affordable and accessible health care must be provided for everyone. State leaders need to do what national leaders refuse to do by….

* Ensuring that health insurance provides real coverage, no pre-existing conditions.

* Reducing deductibles so that people can actually use the health care their plan says it’s providing.

* Protecting Medicare and expanding Medicaid.

None of this is easy but every other industrialized nation does it well. It’s time for New York to be a leader on healthcare.


Employment Opportunities:

State leaders need to do more than just talk about creating jobs. It’s time to create opportunity for the workforce at every level by….

* Training workers

* Matching workers’ skills to jobs

* Drawing more business and jobs at every level to the region

There is nothing wrong with starting at the bottom, but minimum-wage and seasonal jobs don’t sustain families. Workers want the opportunity to learn, prove themselves and move up. This is what will create a cycle of economic prosperity in our communities.


Our Environment:

Long Island boasts beautiful beaches and parks, picturesque hamlets, a natural aquifer, swathes of unspoiled refuges, and a host of wildlife. It’s time we work harder to protect what we have by….

* Working to reduce waste

* Providing cleaner energy

* Protecting our waterways

* Respecting every community’s right to natural beauty and a safe, healthy environment

It is up to state leaders to push for comprehensive plans that will protect where we live